Microsoft Windows 10 Update Problems and Fix

Microsoft has been updating their operating system almost every day. Many computers, laptops, Surface tablets have been receiving push notifications or update alerts. It seems not every PC is happy to have new updates as many of them died or crashed during the Microsoft Windows 10 latest update process. Our computer repair and laptop repair service can repair windows 10 update problem and bring it back to working order.

Important of having Windows 10 Updates

It is extremely important to have windows 10 updated and protected. New updates by Microsoft keep your software health alive and new stability and patches actually fight against latest viruses and close all the doors for hackers or viruses to attack windows. But one important question still remains, why windows still crashing despite having the latest update? Well the answer is very simple, Sometimes laptop hard drive health gets weak so new update does not get install successfully which ended up crashing or giving blue screen of death on windows 10.

What do i do if windows failed to update?windows 10 repair

Well it depends how badly your laptop or computer has been hurt due to latest updates and patches. if you see this message on blue screen “your pc ran into a problem” or “Failure configure windows update” and etc, unfortunately it’s not that easy and straightforward to fix it. Once the crash has happend, you required technical skills to fix it. In order to prevent this update problem, Engineer can disable future windows update on your computer (Which is not recommended by Microsoft).

Windows 10 Update for Home and Professional Version

Windows 10 is sending new updates for both of its most successful versions which is Home and Professional. Mostly people at home using Home version and professional version in office computers. Based on Windows, Microsoft has been distributing updates for their both versions. The importance of updates for both operating system is equal. Although the Professional Windows 10 has more security and stability patches as it has especially designed for offices. Windows 10 Home updates should not be underestimated, because it contains special patches and security features which enable users to have secure online banking, purchases and day to day scanning of their files.

How to Prevent Windows Blue Screen While Updating

Well this is the most frequently asked question by Microsoft Windows 10 users. Windows 10 has a very great feature which enables it to re-fix itself but this has not been the case with every computer or laptop. When windows is about to crash it will give very obvious signs like, slow boot up speed, internet disconnection, application working slowly and etc. If you find all of a sudden PC has started to perform slowly, make sure quickly check if there are any pending new updates. Some people don’t care and neglect the message when it says “Do not turn off PC while it’s updating”. Chances are extremely high to crash during the update process if computer shut down before the completion of update installation – PC may not boot or run in boot infinite loop.

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